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The Ab Doer 360 Ab Exerciser - The Low Impact Core and Cardio Ab Machine

  • Targets your core

  • All over full body workout

  • Massages while you exercise

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You may have seen the AB Doer 360 on some of the countries most popular TV Channels.
The Fun Workout In Seated Comfort!
Transform the Way You Look & Feel with the AB Doer 360
The secret of Ab Doer 360™ is Abdobics, the workout that combines muscle-shaping with heart pounding cardio! Abdobics is the patented multidirectional technology allowing you to work all your major abdominal muscles in 360 degrees around your midsection and waistline!

  • Tighten your core
  • Shape & tone muscles 
  • Improve flexibility & alleviate back discomfort 
  • Burn fat with cardio
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Join 3 Million Ab Doer Users Worldwide
  • Includes Video Workout Routines & Nutrition Guide

People Are Loving The AB Doer 360

"Good for Surgery"

I bought the Ab Doer to prepare my wall for an abdominal aneurysm surgery. I want to have that wall ready to heal after the procedure. They feel ready.

- djovida - Verified Buyer on February 10, 2020

"I Love It!"

I love the ab doer 360!!! I measured myself all around my body, even around my neck and upper arms, calves, and thighs. I followed the diet plan and the workout video. After 6 days i lost 1/2 inch on my whole body!!! It's so easy to use and it REALLY helps the back. I sweat from a sit down position on the chair. No jumping around and straining my Read more about review stating I love it!!!back or knees. My knees also don't hurt like they used to. Beautiful!!! So glad i bought it!

- Opal L - Verified Buyer on February 7, 2020

"Great Machine!"

The Abdoer has far exceeds my expectations, great workout and really good for back pains, when my back aches I just do a workout and the rollers make my back feel great. Also the workout is really good on legs and midsection.

- Kevin M - Verified Buyer on December 21, 2019

Lightweight, Compact & Foldable
The Ab Doer 360 even folds up for easy storage!
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Includes These:
  • AB Doer 360

  • Instructional & Healthy Eating Guides

  • Tracking Calendar

  • 1-Year Warranty & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Access to the Online Workout Portal

Transform Your Body Seated In Padded Comfort

Dynamic Fluidity Seat

"Active Seating" motion automatically engages more muscles for maximum results!

Dual-Foam Roller System

Stimulates core & spinal muscles with a dynamic, comforting back massage!

Comfort Groove Seat

Takes the pressure off your pelvis, tailbone, and hip joints.

Multi-Directional Technology

Provides variable resistance, with interchangeable rods, to activate your core, spinal and back muscles in 360 degrees of movement.

Abductor Grip
Supports your thighs and streamlines swiveling action.

Contouring Arm Bars

Support proper body alignment by reducing harmful compression on your neck, back & spine!

These Satisfied AB Doer 360 Users Saw Amazing Results!

Ab Doer 360 – Transform Your Entire Body With Abdobics

The Ab Doer 360 Ab Exerciser - The Low Impact Core and Cardio Ab Machine

  • Targets your core

  • All over full body workout

  • Massages while you exercise

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Participants that followed an 8 week program lost an average of 12 pounds following the AB Doer 360 system which includes AB Doer 360 workouts and a calorie restricted diet. Your results may vary.

The information contained herein is intended for use by healthy individuals as part of a general program of improvement of body appearance. No information included is intended as a substitute for medical counseling, and any user of the AbDoer 360™ device assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises. Be sure to read your manual for proper usage along with an overview of exercise cautions. Consult your physician and carefully review the instruction manual before beginning this or any other exercise or diet program.

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